Pricing, Promotions and Gift Cards

Subscription Promo

30-minute massage subscription

from 10: €350.00 €280.00

from 20: €700. 00 €550.00

Massage subscription of your choice

from 5: €300.00 €260.00

from 10: 600.00 €500.00

Mixed massage subscription

from 5: €325.00 €285.00

from 10: €650.00 €550.00

Special body treatment package:


Facial treatment

It is a holistic program to activate the beauty of stressed and dull skin, acting on brown spots and reducing uneven pigmentation that compromises the harmonious appearance of the face. It fights the signs of aging and gives an intensely moisturizing effect, giving softness and silkiness to the dullest skin.

All treatments have a duration of 60 minutes.

THE PROMOS DON’T END HERE! Every month we come up with new offers and special promotions.

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Gift Card

For you, the Thai Massage Beauty Center in Ravenna has come up with four Gift Cards to choose from:

  • SILVER value 100 €
  • GOLD value 200 €
  • PLATINUM value €300
  • DIAMOND worth €500.

If you purchase the Diamond Gift Card, Thai Massage will give you a 100.00€ gift card.

Gift Cards are issued free of charge and are loaded and activated only at the time of your acauisto. It is a “tiered card,” so it can be used for multiple purchases until the value it contains is completely used up. In addition, they have no expiration date.


  • has no expiration date
  • Is valid on all wellness and aesthetic services provided by Thai Massage
  • Is also valid on cosmetic products
  • Does not entitle to cash refunds for the amount contained
  • the card is personal and NOT transferable
  • if it is lost, stolen or damaged, the card cannot be blocked and no liability can be attributed to Thai Massage for its misuse, theft, loss or damage.
*Those who purchase the 500.00€ Gift Card will get an additional 100.00€ offered by the center, so that the value of the card will amount to 600.00€.
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