Discover the Benefits and Ancient Art of Thai Massage

Not everyone is familiar with the benefits of Thai massage: it has a very ancient genesis and has been practiced for thousands of years in all regions of Southeast Asia. This type of manual manipulation blends traditional Chinese medicine, meditation, yoga andayurveda, thus transforming into a true therapeutic treatment for the body.

In particular, Thai manipulation:

  • Reduces stress and releases both nervous and physiological tension;
  • Treats muscle and joint pain, low back pain, and neck disorders.
  • It makes the skin brighter as it acts on lymphatic and venous circulation, reactivating it and favouring oxygenation;
  • Rids cells from toxins;
  • Helps reduce migraines and insomnia.

Traditional Thai Massage

The Thai method allows the massage therapist to provide several benefits to the client who chooses this therapeutic treatment. It helps release physiological and nervous tensions by promoting the disappearance of stress. It reactivates venous and lymphatic circulation and promotes oxygenation, making the skin more radiant. Treats cervical disorders, low back pain, muscle and joint pain.
It helps fight insomnia and migraines, and promotes complete relaxation of the individual, body and mind.

Decontracting massage with Thai cream

Thai Oil Massage involves significant beneficial effects to muscle flexibility and tone, provides relief to stiffness of limbs, back, neck, muscle tension due to poor posture and contractures. Stimulation of the Sen meridians allows rebalancing the flow of energy to the Chakras, thus creating a barrier that helps protect against stress and anxiety.

Thai oil massage

Oil Massage is a massage derived from Thai massage, but very gentle because it combines oil with precise rhythmic, circular movements that induce deep relaxation, so much so that many people fall asleep under these pleasant, light strokes that follow the energy meridians to stimulate the body’s vital energy.
It is made with herbal and flower oils.
Mild maneuvers gradually increase in intensity. Unlike most common massages, this is done only with thumb presses and later with the whole palm.
Passive stretching movements are then performed to end the session.

4-Hands massage

Aromatherapy massage with warm essential oils

Aromatherapy harnesses essential oils with the aim of restoring well-being within the body, both physically, emotionally and mentally.

Aromatic massage with hot candle
Hot Candle Aroma

Candle massage is a great way to relieve negative emotions, as well as relax body and mind. You can already smell the beautiful and delicate scent of candles that will envelop your senses during the massage. By using the treatment you will make your skin deeply hydrated, nourished and soothed. You will calm your thoughts and literally melt in pleasure.

Face and head massage with herbal bundles

Massage accompanied with nourishing cream for the face, while only manual technique for the head to not grease the scalp.

Aroma - Hot Compress (whole body)

To be added as a treatment following traditional or oil massage. It promotes healthyuian circulation and relieves various rheumatic pain disorders. muscles and joints, physical exhaustion). In addition, the bundles contain herbs that improve tissue oxygenation and purify the skin. Relaxes body and spirit, renews the body energy with an oil that promotes the effectiveness of massage.

Partial specific massage to choose between: neck - shoulders - back - legs

This is a specific massage to relieve muscle soreness in the treated area. A special massage and acupressure technique, using specific balms that relieve muscle stress while giving a pleasant feeling of relaxation.

Sport Massage

Ideal for sprains, muscle strains and joint pain. It helps reduce muscle tension, heart rate and blood pressure, stimulates local microcirculation, and has a draining effect combined with accelerated removal of lactic acid and metabolic waste.

Draining Massage

The gentle pressures triggers a true lymphatic drainage that allows the elimination of excess fluids, thus counteracting the onset of cellulite and making the skin smooth and glowing.

Pregnancy Massage

Many women experience a significant reduction in sciatic nerve pain during pregnancy through massage, which helps relieve tension on the surrounding muscles.

Oil massage with hot herb bundles

Thai Massage with Hot Herbal Bundles is great to add as a treatment to traditional or oil massage. It promotes blood circulation and relieves various disorders (rheumatic, muscle and joint pain, physical exhaustion). In addition, the bundles contain herbs that improve tissue oxygenation and purify the skin.

Foot massage

Thai Foot Massage dates back to more than a thousand years and is one of the most effective forms of massage in both the East and the West. There are so called reflex points on the surface of the foot, which correspond to the various parts of the body.
Basically, these are nerve endings where appropriate stimulation is able to act on the corresponding organs through an “energy reflex” action.
Thai Foot Massage extends to ankles and legs. A good Thai foot massage can promote improvement and relaxation in many other parts of the body.
The therapist also uses a wooden stick, specially designed for practicing such massage.

Coconut oil massage

Between countless beneficial properties: it moisturizes and protects the skin without over-greasing it, has a soothing effect on sunburn, has an anti-aging effect, has antibacterial properties, is useful against eczema and other skin problems, helps reduce age spots, moisturizes and softens hair, and helps in the healing process of bruises.

thai massage

Mixed Massage

You can choose to combine two different massages.

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